The move. [(Again again.)]

So hopefully third time's a charm, eh?

As of tomorrow, I'm going to be moving to my newest residence in Paraguay con la familia Diaz...a family so close and intricated that I had some trouble keeping up with who's who the first few days. But all's well, because for the first time in Paraguay, I'm a part of a family. A living, breathing, included, part. I never get left behind in the dust or ignored like I did with my first couple famlies.

So the story goes like this:

About a month ago, my second host family and I decided it best if I go ahead and move out - I didn't want to be there, and they didn't want me there. I'm not going to badmouth them or anything. It just didn't work out...again.
In between all of this family chaos and another trip to the hospital I continued with my schooling..(of course.) But this past month was filled to the brim with tests (which I don't do) so I decided to explore my school. And just like at home, I'm friends with most of the staff (especially the office lady) because I'm justsodarnedcute and charming. =]
So after hearing the tale of my then current wearabouts, the school secretary, Bettina, offered her house to me for Semana Santa. (Holy Week, a time where the country shuts down and you spend all your time with your family, and since my family and I weren't on the best of terms, I packed up and headed right to Bettina's house.)
I was immediately swept up in the meaning of a true Paraguayan family. Betty and her family live seperately from the rest, but close, and see the extended family almost every day.

Her sister, Paty, is my new host mom. Paty has three boys (16, 8, and 6) who are my host brothers. Mis abuelos live with mi tia Cynthia and her daughter Sol. My grandma (we call her Tata) basically runs the show, and feeds us all. So I'm technically living with Paty, but eating at Tata's, which is just fine with me. Tata is a great cook. =]
I've basically gone from having no family at all to actually having one...not just a place to sleep in but a real family. A real real family. I don't think I'll ever want to leave.


Susan said...

Finally! yea for you and yea for Betty & family!!

Rhonda said...

Sounds like a great arrangement. Kudos to you for your perseverance. Talk to you soon.