Ok, as most of you know I was hosptialized last week, which is pretty interesting while you're in a foreign country. I spent 5 days and 5 nights in El Sanitorio San Roque, and MAN was it boring. I basically watched TV all day, and slept all night, but sometimes nurses would come in the middle of the night and poke me with needles and God knows what.
To say the least, it wasn't very fun.
But of course, I was sick, so I'm sure you all want to know what I had/have.
3 differant things...now put on your medical caps people, because it's a mystery. Or at least it was...they finnaly found out what was wrong with me on day number four.

1) I had a cough. A really bad, full-body, make-my-back-hurt cough. It sucked, and I still have it. But it turns out that I had bronchitis, so that'd be why I was coughing. It took them 3 days to figure THAT one out.

2) I threw up everything I ate, so bascially, I didn't eat for 3 days :( (but on the bright side, I lost weight! Yay!) First, they thought it was appendicitis, because when they were examining/poking my stomach they found by my appendix (or my right ovary, take your pick) it was very sore, and hurt to touch it. (Probably because I went '¡OW! ¿Qué haces?' Every time they poked me there. But it turns out it was number three...

3) Which is that I have a cyst (about 4 cm long) next to my right ovary, and the puking was because I was really hormonally imbalanced. Or at least that's what they're saying. Soooo, (now guys, this might get a bit uncomfortable) they gave me a pill to jump-start my time of the month, and now because of it, the cyst may get bigger or smaller. If it gets bigger, I have to have a surgury to get rid of it (nothing big, just a quick in and out) but if it gets smaller, which is more likely, we have nothing to worry about.

Ok, so that's why I was in the hospital for almost a week! And no worries guys, I really am ok. Nothing life-threatening here. :)

Tereré and poolside adventures

Summer in Paraguay is pretty much described in one word: lazyness. I've been on summer break now for around a month, I've been having sooo much fun! As most of you know, my first week of break was spent in the chaco, I worked hard and had a blast, but these other three weeks have been even more fun. I get to enjoy doing nothing until March...yay!

My AFS friends and I hang out almost every day of the week, and when I'm not with them I'm with my host brother Jorge and his friends. Most people would think that we do productive things during these times, but the truth is we don't...really. Whenever I'm at home (which isn't very often - most of the time I'm out and about doing nothing) I'm sitting by our pool getting rid of my farmers tan, listening to reggaeton and drinking tereré. (Tereré is a very Paraguayan drink that sort of tastes like tea...it's hard to explain.) But whenever I'm out with my friends, we're either at the mall hanging out drinking tereré, or at someone's house drinking tereré. As you can tell, there's lots of tereré being drank no matter what the occasion. It's the social norm to see tons of people drinking it, whether or not they're hanging out by a pool, working, or doing whatever.

Some may ask, 'Why don't we do anything?' and the answer is simple - it's just too darn hot to even lift a finger, and it's not even summer yet! For the past few days it's been around 40-45C, which is 104-115F and I've been promised by many paraguayans that it's only going to get hotter, so I've got that to look forward to.

(And I promise...there are pictures to come!)