(Me and my friend Luli.)

So on monday, I went on a class trip to MisiĆ³nes, a part of Paraguay some 500 km from AsunciĆ³n, where I'm living now. It was a long bus ride, but I still had tons of fun. This fun included, much to my surprise, riding horse! I was so excited, since I haven't rode since I came home from Wilderness Pursuit.

The horse I'm riding in the above was only my 'starter' horse. I had to go out riding a few times to convince the vaqueros (cowboys, in a sense) that I actually knew what I was doing. It surprized them, seeing a woman that could ride so well. So after a bit of showing off, they switched me to a more difficult, young horse that needed an experienced rider. After switching, I really rode all day, not wanting to take the breaks that they forced upon me. A couple times I went out by myself, exploring the thousands of acres that they had at their disposal. The terrian is much like the west in America; flat, barren, and dry, so it was hard to get lost. When I returned from one of my trips, I was able to take part in a cattle drive which ment a few more hours of riding (which I didn't mind at all, really).

The cattle drive had us moving thousands of cows. And when I say thousands, I mean it. I've never seen so many cows in my life, and I'm from Wisconsin, for pete's sake.
I quickly learned the art of driving cattle, and found myself fitting in quite nicely in the middle of the Paraguayan wild west. But once it was over, it was over. I was under the influence that I'd be riding the next day, but I was scammed and sentenced into a day of boring, smelly museums on tuesday. Honestly, I'm not exactly sure how I went this long without riding...but as usual, I'll find a fix for it, or I'll make one myself. I usually do. :D

Futbol and Mac&Cheese

This past weekend, I had AFS orientation. I met new friends, and had a blast. But the fun didn't stop there. Tuesday night, I went to an official Paraguay soccer game--PY vs. Venezuela--and had tons of fun. I'm not much of a soccer fan, but the energetic atmosphere that was present en la cancha I just couldn't resist. We stayed out late (for a school night) and I wasn't exactly looking forward to waking up in the morning, but I still had loads of fun. I'd do it again, any day of the week, no problem.
The way we aquired tickets for the game was interesting. It had the same amount of shiftyness you wouldn't be able to trust from the weird-looking guy standing outside of Soldier Field minutes before the Bears game started, but to my relief the tickets were real, and worked.
I also was able to experiance Paraguayan culture at its finest: the threat of having Coke dumped over my head if I wasn't wearing a Paraguay jersey. In response to the threats, I complied and bought one, which looks quite dashing, might I say.

One might think that I had my fair share of funness and exiting things happen to me, but the fun continues. The Sullivan family sent a package of things Jorge left behind, but also included mac and cheese! I couldn't believe it, and Jorge and I spent five straight minutes jumping up and down in excitement. We had it for dinner, and man, it tastes better than EVER! I missed it so much... But we have two more boxes to go, and I'm looking forward to the challenge.