Switching Families

Ok, so I'm guessing that by now most of you know that I switched families, out of the Peréz Ramírez household and into the Taboada Olmedo household. I have my parents, a sister, and a brother. They're awesome.

The actual process of switching went rather fast. It actually only really took a week, so that was cool. Friday, AFS gave me a call and said they had a family for me, and they could switch me today if they could just talk to my Mamá (at the time), but of course, mis padres had chosen that weekend to head out to the chaco. So, I waited until monday.

Monday rolled around after a REALLY awkward/long weekend, and AFS called me in the morning, and by 8.00 that night the taxi was there to pick me up to bring me to my nueva familia. So, the afs taxi/volunteer dropped me off, and I was met by a flurry of hugs and kisses and holas, and was automatically welcome and wanted.

That's an amazing feeling, by the way - being automatically loved. I'm still smiling because of it.

So they gave me a little time to unpack/get settled, but I felt weird being by myself, so I headed out to the kitchen table and proceeded to get questioned about myself/my life here for the next 3 hours. Now it's day three, and my mom still smiles at me and asks if I'm doing ok. I'm getting a copy of the house key, and I have access to the change bucket for bus money.

Overall, life is good, and I LOVE IT HERE. =] Basically wondering where these people have been the most amazing, loving, nuturing, (insert nice adjective here) paraguayans that I've encountered, thus far.

Oh, and here's my new address, if anybody feels like sending me a letter - I promise to write back!!

Hannah Weiger
c/o Flia Taboada Olmedo
Juana de Lara 461 c/
Nanawa - Lambaré